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Restore Balance to your body through intelligent & purposeful movement.


Understand how Pilates benefits YOU

The Pilates Method is an intelligent exercise program that strengthens & tones the muscles, improves balance & stability and increases flexibility & mobility. Pilates focuses not just on the core muscles, but how to move from your core so your body works together as a unit to support the spine. Pilates has been proven to eliminate back pain, rehabilitate from injury or surgery, counter stress or anxiety and improve physical wellbeing and overall health. 

RB Pilates offers private sessions & small group classes on the Pilates Mat & Apparatus. To schedule a private or semi-private session email or call/text 845-237-4711

Meet Our Instructors



Certified Pilates Instructor & Teacher Trainer, Founder of RB Pilates

Raleigh teaches contemporary Pilates with a strong emphasis on alignment and form to give you the most beneficial and productive exercise routine. She holds certifications in all Pilates Mat & Apparatus, with specialty certificates in Healthy Moms Advanced Perinatal Fitness, Franklin Method fascia trainer, Power Plate, TRX, Aerial fitness & Megaformer. Raleigh has worked with all fitness levels and ages ranging from 10 - 90+ years old. Her expertise includes but is not limited to back pain, disc issues, scoliosis, stenosis, osteoporosis, arthritis, pelvic floor issues, pre/postnatal, hip/knee replacements, labral tears, shoulder impingements, cancer rehab and chronic disease such as Lupus, Scleroderma, Parkinsons, Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis, which Raleigh herself was diagnosed with MS in 2017.  Raleigh's style is influenced by her experience as a Physical Therapy Technician, her own journey through her MS challenges and her career as a professional dancer, leaving you with a session that focuses on your needs with flow and creativity. Her mission is to RESTORE BALANCE to your body so you can live your life.


Pilates Instructor

Meet Caitlin, a dedicated Pilates enthusiast and wellness advocate. 

Caitlin believes that true health goes beyond physical fitness, encompassing nutrition and emotional well-being. She is dedicated to guiding you on your journey towards a healthier, happier, and more balanced life.

Outside the studio, Caitlin is a Dental Hygenist for the past 9 years, specializing in preventative care. She is passionate about the way we nourish and move our bodies which is the key to healthy living.

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Sarah Richardson_Headshot.jpeg


MAEd, Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor

Originally from Seattle, Sarah started Pilates in her early 20’s after a number of ankle & knee injuries put her out of commission. She fell in love with the contemporary STOTT method and embarked upon her certification as a Pilates instructor in 2013. She is a level 2 fully certified STOTT Pilates Instructor and has completed additional training on athletic conditioning, TRX, Barre, and recovery/restoration methods such as Trigger Point foam rolling. She enjoys teaching group classes as well as private sessions, oftentimes with a focus on rehab. Her background is in the mental health world, and she holds her MAEd in Mental Health Counseling as well as an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Trauma & Disaster Mental Health through SUNY New Paltz. She hopes to complete a certification on Trauma Informed Weightlifting in 2024 to blend her two worlds. Sarah loves being active, especially at the gym and on the tennis courts, and appreciates the way Pilates can help get her back doing the things she loves to do after an injury (or prevent them from happening in the first place!). You might see Sarah out walking her dog or enjoying Beacon with her husband on the weekends. 


Certified Pilates Instructor

In 2013, Kat began taking Pilates on the recommendation of a friend who touted its many health benefits. After one class, she was hooked on the Pilates method, which has become an important part of her everyday lifestyle. In 2014, she began her instructor training in mat 1 & mat 2 through Balanced Body Education at Pilates Reforming NY in NYC, and in 2016, went on to complete her comprehensive certification in classical mat and apparatus systems at Beacon Pilates.

For more than twenty years Kat has taught art in Orange County. Her background in education, coupled with her desire to deepen her own knowledge of Pilates and anatomy are her motivation for becoming an instructor. She strongly follows Joseph Pilates’ philosophy that physical and mental well-being are ageless. Through Pilates, she found both a passion and an opportunity to help others improve their strength and well-being.

In 2015 she joined the APG Pilates studio where she taught classical Pilates system for nearly 5 years.

Kat is excited to be part of the RB Pilates team, where she is looking forward to working with students of all levels, helping them find balance and thrive in their everyday lives.

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Pilates Instructor - Teacher in Training

Rebekah is a classically trained Pilates instructor. She earned her Pilates certification through Beacon Pilates. In addition to Pilates, she is also a certified Barre Instructor.  Rebekah currently teaches Mat Pilates and Barre in the Hudson Valley as well as Newburgh. She currently resides in the Hudson Valley.

She is currently enrolled in the apparatus training through Moving Strength/ RB Pilates. She has cultivated a true passion for this therapeutic type of movement that draws on the mind and body connection. She has always been inspired by the classical Pilates methodology and the mindfulness strength and grace that it brings to clients and students. 


Rebekah is looking forward to supporting future clients' health and wellness goals through the principles of Pilates that will also help balance and focus the body and mind. 


She is excited to be teaching at RB Pilates.


Pilates Instructor - Teacher in Training

Vanessa is a classically trained Pilates instructor and currently teaches group fitness classes in NYC and was certified for Pilates Mat and Megaformer at BODYROK. She is also an instructor at CORE barre & Pilates in Hopewell Junction. She will be barre certified in April 2024, and is starting her apparatus training through Moving Strength/RB Pilates.


Since she was a young girl, she has been an avid runner, running both half and full marathons. She was an assistant coach for two years at FIT for their Cross Country and Outdoor Track team. Pilates became a big part of her workout routine as a runner, and she is a big believer in mind/body exercise.


Vanessa is originally from Saratoga Springs, New York, but moved to NYC to take on her education at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She now resides in the Hudson Valley and is excited to be teaching group fitness classes at RB PILATES!

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Certified Pilates Instructor - Guest Teacher

I began practicing Pilates in 2015; I was drawn to its rhythmic and systemic nature. Approaching my mid-thirties, I found a method that balanced mind and body, made me move with intention and control, and forged an unknown core strength and stability: it became a healing practice. My lower back pain, and my discomfort associated with Piriformis Syndrome were dramatically relieved. Pilates movement kept me mindful of how I use my body in space on a daily basis. A high school English Teacher, I value practices that are grounding yet flexible - practices that evolve with the student. Pilates informs my improvement in the classroom and guides my movement in everyday life. 

In 2017 I received my Comprehensive Certificate through Beacon Pilates, studying under Juliet Harvey, a rigorous classical trainer of Joseph Pilates’ system.The extensive 500-hour program covered his classical orders and  techniques in painstaking detail. 

I later began teaching Pilates Mat and Apparatus. My love of Mat is evident - the creative and classic combine for a fun, challenging, and engaging experience. I now believe that the interconnected nature of Pilates is helpful to and meaningful for all clients. 

Being in the movement, especially when the mind and body have a sudden “aha” moment, moves me: I enjoy helping clients move with awareness through this method.

My guilty pleasure(s): hot dogs & vanilla frosted donuts.

Join the RB Pilates Team

We are always looking for Certified Pilates Instructors to join our teaching staff. 

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